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A Black Obsidian Leo Lucky Astrological Rune Pendant Necklace

A Black Obsidian Leo Lucky Astrological Rune Pendant Necklace

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Item: Js-Rn7N Gemstone Size: Approx 2 Inches Our Exclusive Product. This Is Absolutely Special, Magic And Lucky Astrological Runic Necklace.
This Runic Necklace Is Individual For Leo Astrological Sign: July 23-August 22, And Made From Natural Black Obsidian Gemstone.Each Runic Is Made From Individual Astrological Gemstone With Matching Rune Sign, To Bring Maximum Of Good Luck And Protection Powers To Its Immediate Owner.
It Is Engraved In Metallic Color And Makes This Piece Of Jewelry To Be Fantastically Attractive And Absolutely Special. It Comes Nicely Packed On Textured Information Card/Hang Tag, See Alternative View For Packing Details. Anuz: Signal, Messenger. An Energy Rune. It Must Be Used With Great Care, Because It Is Dedicated To The God Loki Who Does Both Good And Bad Things. If You Turn To Him, You Ask For His Favor And Understanding. He Is The Best Choice If You Need Help For Carrying Out Activities That Require Team Efforts. For An Individual This Rune Is Useless. To Stand For A Good Cause This Rune Enhances The Attentiveness And Delicacy In A Human Being Towards Other Humans. Powers And Natural Forces Of Black Obsidian Gemstone: With Its Powers Effective In All Chakras, Black Obsidian Is A Very Spiritual Stone. Its Primary Function For Spiritualists Is As A Grounding Stone That Strengthens The Connection Of The Person With The Earth To Provide Guidance. It Is Used To End Unhappy Or Bothersome Situations. Black Obsidian Is In Tune With The Earths Energies And Balances Yin And Yang. It Is Grounding Stone, Valuable In Difficult Or Confusing Times In Our Lives. Extremely Helpful To People Who Are In The Process Of " Letting Go" Or Releasing The Past Attachments To "People , Places And Things. Absorbs And Flattens Emotional Intensity. Helps To Smooth Out The "Roller Coaster Ride" Of Emotions. Black Obsidian Is A Tremendous Strength Provider, Especially During Times Of Extreme Stress.

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