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Amulet Courage Howling Wolf and Moon Charm in Sodalite and Tiger Eye Eye Gemston

Amulet Courage Howling Wolf and Moon Charm in Sodalite and Tiger Eye Eye Gemston

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Amulet Courage Howling Wolf and Moon Charm in Sodalite and Tiger Eye Eye Gemstones Pendant Adjustable Necklace

Best Amulets® Collection. Very Special Wolf and Moon Stainless Steel and Gemstone Amulet Charm Necklace.Genuine Sodalite Centerpiece holds Wolf Charm. Moon Accent holds Tiger Eye Gemstone Cabochon.Amulet Charm SIZE: 30 X 23mm (1 ¼ inches long). Ready to Wear with Cotton Waxed Cord Necklace which adjusts from 15 up to 24 inches. Comes with Gift Style Pouch

Very Unique and Special Howling Wolf with Moon Charm created by BestAmulets . This Wolf Charm is made from Finest Stainless Steel and Holds Genuine and Natural Tiger Eye Gemstone Cabochon as Moon Accent. Centerpiece Gemstone is made from Genuine and Natural Sodalite Gemstone. Tiger Eye Gemstone holds powers of Good Luck and Evil Eye Protection. Sodalite Gemstone holds powers of Good Luck Powers and makes it Individual Amulet. Amulet meaning: Wolf is Symbol of Protection, Courage, staying Wise and Strong in every situation. Having Unique Intuition and Survival ability makes Wolf to be one of the kind and transforms in to Magic Powers. Good Luck and Protection Powers of SODALITE Gemstone: Sodalite resonates to Archangel Michael, the Archangel of Protection, Courage, Truth, and Strength. Sodalite brings inner peace, so its peaceful properties will flow all around you. As Well, Sodalite is Extra Lucky Stone in General. It is claimed to alleviate fear and bring clarity of mind and is a good stone for Psychic Protection. Sodalite protects from external negative energy. Also clears the mind for deeper and wiser thinking, aids logic along with opening Third Eye Intuition. Protects against radiation (computer) and negative forces. It has been said that the longest distance you will ever travel is the journey from your head to your heart. This is the GIFT of Sodalite. It clears up mental confusion and reestablishes inner peace. Sodalite strengthens the power of mind over body and bridges the gap between your thoughts and your feelings. It also help free us from old behavior patterns that no longer serve us.

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